Save historic Haida Gwaii forest from logging

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The beautiful and historic Tlaga G_aawtlaas (Bluejacket) forest in Haida Gwaii is under threat of destruction by logging.

The forest is of cultural importance to the Haida Nation, who have repeatedly stated they do not give consent for this unceded territory to be destroyed. Despite this, BC Timber Sales (BCTS) has marked the area for logging.

We need your help to save this forest.

The disregard for consent in unceded territory is particularly significant in Haida Gwaii. In 2009, the Haida Nation and the Province of British Columbia signed the historic Kunst’aa Guu — Kunst’aayah Reconciliation Protocol. The agreement is the first of its kind in Canada. It establishes a process for shared decision making, acknowledging the Haida Nation’s authority over Haida Gwaii to ensure sustainable use of their territory for the benefit of its people and to protect Haida Gwaii’s sensitive ecosystems for generations to come.

Despite not having approval from the Haida Nation, the forest may soon be logged. Please sign and share this petition to show BC decision makers that this is not acceptable.

We are deeply concerned by this flawed process for five key reasons:

  1. Sovereignty: Haida Gwaii is the unceded territory of the Haida Nation.
  2. Cultural impact: The Haida Nation has clearly stated the historical and present cultural significance of this forest, including spiritual, medicinal, and food-based knowledge. Significant cultural archeological features have been found at this location, and more research is underway. To go ahead is to erase our living history right in front of our eyes.
  3. Sustainability and historical context: We are seeing patterns of mismanagement and over-extraction in the forestry industry. Raw timber from Haida Gwaii is being extracted and sold for the financial gain of private companies and the Province. This product is not going through the local sawmill, and our local economy is being bypassed. It is irresponsible and a conflict of interest to make a profit by taking from our struggling communities.
  4. Local ecology and forestry: Haida Gwaii forests have been subject to over a hundred years of heavy resource extraction, having much impact on the biodiversity of the land, ocean and waterways. We are deeply concerned with the cumulative ecological and climate impacts of dwindling old growth forests.
  5. Conflict of interest: The Solutions Table (part of the Kunst’aa Guu — Kunst’aayah Reconciliation Protocol) is meant to be a shared decision making process between the Haida Nation and the Province. It is a conflict of interest for a manager of a provincial ministry to have the power to approve an application without this consent when the Province stands to directly profit.

This petition calls for the Tlaga G_aawtlaas Bluejacket forest to be protected from logging, and the flawed decision making process to be reviewed.

Please sign and share the petition to protect this beautiful forest from destruction before it’s too late.

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