Save Historic 1245 Edward Street, Halifax, NS from Dal's wrecking ball

Save Historic 1245 Edward Street, Halifax, NS from Dal's wrecking ball

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Started by Peggy Walt

1245 Edward Street is a historically significant house to the people of Nova Scotia.  Its story is the story of Halifax. Originally part of a large property encompassing a farm, beautiful gardens and grounds, the house dates from 1897. With its gorgeous sweeping staircase, original fireplaces, unique architecture and distinctive roofline, it's a home that's been loved by generations of Nova Scotians. It's connected to the family who built the property popularly known as the "Oland mansion" on Young Avenue, built by the German immigrant Hobrecker family (it was eventually sold to the Oland family).

Most recently, it was the Sapp family home, where Nova Scotians Susan and Melan Sapp raised seven children. After Mr. Sapp's untimely death, Susan carried on looking after family, supporting them through running a nursery school and renting rooms to Dalhousie female students. For hundreds of people, Sapp's Nursery School was a second home for their children and grandchildren, with home cooked meals and loving care.  Dozens of Dal students shared in the warmth of Mrs. Sapp's home and food, and many family gatherings took place in the decades that she lived in her home, until almost age 100.  For many Nova Scotians and many who moved away or returned to their country of origin after studying at Dalhousie University and boarding with Mrs. Sapp, 1245 Edward Street represented home away from home.

Tenants lived in the house until Mrs. Sapp passed away in the summer of 2021, when the house was sold to Dalhousie.  Edward Street neighbours, worried about the university's plans, have tried now for 10 months to receive answers from Dal about what they intend to do with the property. Dal owns a small three-story apartment building next door to 1245 Edward, which is a student residence. We worry that Dal's plans are to encroach further into our residential neighbourhood, and tear everything down to build a new large residence. They have been evasive and non-responsive to date and their Facilities personnel refuse to meet with neighbours. They haven't even emptied the contents including the family piano.

Halifax has a housing crisis. Tearing down a beautiful old heritage property that was providing housing, housed a licensed daycare and was a well-loved home for over 120 years, is shocking.  Tell Dalhousie they need to take a step back, listen to the community, and not demolish this home. They need to spend some money to fix a leak, and stop lying to their neighbours. 

Tell Dal that tearing down a home when people are homeless is unconscionable . Destroying our built heritage and craftsmanship that can never be replaced is not moving with the times for a school that preaches sustainability. Encroaching into people's residential area is not being a good neighbour.  Stop Dalhousie University by telling them that they must not demolish 1245 Edward Street on our street. Write to the President of Dal now (Deep Saini - 902-494-2511, and tell Councillor Waye Mason that taxpayers' dollars that go to Dal should not be used to destroy Halifax's homes.  We will be having a protest and inviting media. 

6,397 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!