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Hawthorne Park

 Hawthorne Park is a beautiful forested area in North Surrey. It is home to countless wildlife species and is an oasis for the community. The forested area is used by numerous people who enjoy its system of walking trails, and the park area is host to an abundance of social gatherings.

Hawthorne Park

The City of Surrey is planning to build a two lane road through the south end of Hawthorne Park. The road will start on the west side and exit on the east side and run parallel to 104th Avenue. The road will also disrupt numerous neighbourhoods and go through people's homes and yards.

Hawthorne Park Master Plan

Wildlife living in the forest will be devastated and several of the well-used walking trails will be replaced with two lane roads. No longer will we be able to watch the red-tail hawks fly overhead or listen to the barred owl at night. The roads will go right through their habitats. 

The area that the proposed road will go through has been designated as an ecologically sensitive area. But the city is planning to implement a bylaw to remove the park's protected status.

We need to preserve this forest for community, for future generations, and for the wildlife living there who have no voice to speak for themselves.

Please stand with the community and sign this petition.

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