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Stop the purposeful killing of sharks in Hawaiian waters.

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Sharks are an important part of the marine ecosystem, they function as the white blood cells of the ocean picking off the dead, weak, diseased, and help keep populations in balance. Sharks are slow to reproduce as they reach sexual maturity at a late age in life and pup few young. Sharks are not a sustainable fishing target and over 90% of the shark populations world wide have already been wiped out.  They need to be left alone to protect the natural balance and serve their role in the ecosystem.  Sharks are also significant in the respected Hawaiian and polynesian culture as ancestral ohana spirit guardians, or Aumakua.  A few uneducated people have begun to let their fear and enjoyment of killing these important animals known and have expressed the desire to cull them on a larger scale using our tax-payer money.  They are beginning to hunt and kill these animals and we want NOAA and DLNR stop them before they make a greater impact to an already decimated niche population of animals and waste tax-payer money on an environmentally unsound, expensive, and culturally offensive practice.  

Please sign this petition to support and join the movement of educated, environmentally conscious, and culturally sensitive people who understand the need to preserve the balance in the marine ecosystem.


To learn more about who is currently killing sharks and encouraging others to do so see:

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Water Inspired needs your help with “SAVE HAWAII SHARKS FROM NEEDLESS KILLING! Gov. Neil Abercrombie, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA,) and Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR.): Stop the purposeful killing of sharks in Hawaiian waters.”. Join Water Inspired and 2,492 supporters today.