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Petitioning Governor of North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue and 9 others

Save Harnett County! Stop the landfill from destroying our community!

Tell our County Commissioners, State and Federal Representatives, and our Governor that we do not want a landfill in our community. North Carolina already has over forty operational solid waste facilities in the state with decades of use left! This landfill would threaten the peaceful way of life for Harnett County residents as well as the health and safety of our families.

The sand pit located on Claude White Road is nearing depletion and the owners of the property are looking for an alternative money making venture. Without considering any other options they submitted an application to the Harnett County Board of Adjustment for a permit to operate a Municipal Solid Waste Facility on the land. The Board of Adjustment and the County Commissioners are set to review this application in mid-September. We need your help to make sure our voices are heard!

Unfortunately, Sandhills Environmental LLC has been secretly lobbying behind closed doors with local government officials to allow them to make our community a solid waste disposal. The goal of this, of course, is to make millions of dollars for the owners of the landfill, with scarcely a concern for its impact on the environment and public health.

Sign the petition today and save our community!

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Letter to
Governor of North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue
Senator Richard Burr
United States House of Representatives Congressman Howard Coble
and 7 others
United States House of Representatives Congresswoman Renee Ellmers
Harnett County Manager Scott Sauer
Harnett County Commissioners Harnett County Commissioners
North Carolina Senate Senator Harris Blake
North Carolina General Assembly Representative Mike Stone
North Carolina General Assembly Representative David Lewis
Senator Kay Hagan
I am writing to protest the massive landfill proposed in western Harnett County on Claude White Road in Cameron. As a nearby resident, I believe the potential harms of this facility clearly outweigh the benefits. We neither need nor want a trash complex of this magnitude in our community.

Sandhills Environmental, LLC projects significant monetary benefits to the county. However, I do not believe that these inflated projections will outweigh the environmental and aesthetic harms that will affect the majority of citizens -- including odors, vermin, traffic, and air and water pollution -- posed by such a project. By and large, the citizens who would be most affected by the landfill live in Harnett County because they desire a quiet, rural setting. Similarly, this area would not be experiencing its current boom in development if it were not for the serene way of life our county provides. The pursuit of happiness -- the Constitutional right to live our lives according to our own terms and not those of a private developer -- would be abridged.

I do not believe this mega landfill is compatible with the values of our residents. This area offers golfing, fishing, and hunting, among a myriad of other opportunities. People come here to enjoy the peace and beauty of a natural environment not to be subjected to the commotion of a working landfill and caravans of trash trucks. Who, except the people who stand to make millions of dollars, would think that this project is a good idea? Obviously, the owners and operators of Sandhills Environmental, LLC do not care about the citizens of this region or the many future residents this area stands to inherit as result of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s mandated troop movements. There is no way this project will not adversely affect Central North Carolina.

Our state already has over forty Municipal Solid Waste landfills that we will be able to use for decades before we even approach capacity. We do not need more landfills in our state.

I urge you to oppose this project; we are counting on your leadership.


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