Save Great Scott

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[please note: the specifics of this petition have been updated] 

**UPDATE! THE CAMPAIGN IS OFFICIALLY FUNDED! CONTINUED INVESTMENTS GO TO RENT AND CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS (more necessary than ever, given venues and bars are last to open at phase 4 in Boston)**

Thank you for signing this petition to save Great Scott. Great Scott is a place of community; for the people of Allston to come together to enjoy live music, for the artists to practice displaying their talent, and for the employees of the place itself, the bartenders, bouncers, and managers. Countless people have said that Great Scott feels like a second home. 

As many of you know, artistic venues like ours are currently in peril because of COVID-19. Hundreds of live shows have had to be canceled and it’s yet to be determined when we can fill our space again. 

But the day will come when we are allowed to open our doors, put on shows, and keep the drinks flowing, and we need YOUR help in getting us there. If  Great Scott ever felt like it was yours, you were right and you now have the opportunity to own a part of the efforts to save it going forward.

Long time booking agent Carl Lavin has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign with Mainvest, a safe and easy to use investment platform. This is not in any way a donation; investors will receive a revenue sharing note with potential returns. 

You can invest in as little as $100 by going here: 

A pillar of Boston’s vibrant arts community, Great Scott has offered a stage to local musicians, comics, drag queens, and touring acts alike, and welcomed music fans of all kinds in its distinctly unassuming fashion. Its loss represents a blow to us all. 

Spaces like Great Scott represent the life force of a neighborhood. We demand the City Councilor’s office work with landlords and business owners to protect independent  venues and encourage new opportunities. These landmark businesses are essential to the fabric of neighborhoods, and in light of Covid-19, they will be among the last to reopen and the hardest hit.