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Netflix inexplicably cancelled GLOW presumably because they thought fans were "not invested" enough to wait out Covid for its return. 

Fans accepted that challenge and were galvanized to organize this petition to show Netflix we ARE invested, we DO care and are passionately willing to wait for GLOW to return no matter what form it takes be it a movie, graphic animation or even claymation. GLOW is a one in a million series and you don't just throw singular magic like GLOW away. 

GLOW deserves a final bell. We hope Netflix will have a change of heart and give GLOW the GORGEOUS grand finale it has earned. Thank you to the cast, crew and fans all over the world for your dedication & perserverance. If you want to put some sauce on your message to Netflix please consider sending them a box of NERDS (more info here)

Our most gracious respect and. heartfelt gratitude to the original GLOW heroes & sheroes who inspired this wild journey. You lit the way.

-jessie (updated 10/15/2020)

A fan wrote a deeply moving & thoughtful love letter to GLOW. You can read that HERE