Petition Closed

Later this month the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations will meet in Spain to decide if a proposed Canadian strip-mine in the headwaters of Montana's Glacier National Park places the Park "In Danger."

Glacier National Park comprises the U.S. portion of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, the world's first Peace Park, created in 1932 as a symbol of the peace and friendship between Canada and the United States. 

Specifically, the proposed strip-mine would dump over 325 million tons of waste rock into a tributary of the Flathead River. 

The Flathead River Valley forms the western boundary of Glacier National Park and its rich wide open lands and pristine waters provide habitat for grizzlies, wolves, lynx, wolverines, threatened bull trout and genetically-pure westslope cutthroat trout. But the strip-mine proposal threatens to turn this biological heart of the Peace Park into an industrial playground. 

Any leakage of waste could send toxic sludge into Glacier National Park within 24 hours.

Canadian and U.S. officials need to hear from you before the World Heritage Committee meeting in Spain later this month. Please tell them this threat to Glacier National Park and the Flathead Valley is unacceptable and that the Flathead River Valley needs to be permanently protected. 

Letter to
United States Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar
Premier of British Columbia Gordon Campbell
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
I am writing to support the international petition to declare Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park a World Heritage Site in Danger.

Glacier National Park and the world's first International Peace Park are threatened by British Columbia's land use plan that encourages mining and drilling in the adjacent Flathead River Valley.

We need a permanent solution that will protect the Flathead River Valley from pressures including encroaching development and climate change.

Please save the Flathead River Valley and the world's first International Peace Park:

* Put an immediate, permanent stop to mining and drilling in the Flathead River Valley.

* Fill in the missing piece of Waterton Glacier International Peace Park by creating a Canadian National Park in the lower one-third of the Flathead River Valley.

* Establish a Wildlife Management Area in the rest of the valley and adjoining habitat that links Waterton-Glacier with essential wildlife corridors in the Wigwam, Elk and Bull River valleys and protected areas further north.