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Robert is an asylum seeker who will be at severe risk if the British government removes him 18 August to Uganda. Evidence of this risk and Robert's sexuality has not been properly considered by the British authorities. > More information <

Letter to
Home Secretary and Member of Parliament for Maidenhead Rt Hon Theresa May MP
British Home Secretary Theresa May
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Re: Robert Segwanyi, HO # S1457269

Robert Segwanyi is a Ugandan gay asylum seeker who was jailed and tortured, yet the UK Border Agency wants to remove him 18 August.

This is despite evidence that Robert is "obviously gay", despite a highly respected psychologist Professor Cornelius Katona saying he is gay and suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from his treatment in Uganda, and despite the backing of Robert's MP, Mike Hancock.

The UKBA, in writing to Hancock, is standing by an Immigration Judge's decision last year that:

"Even if I am wrong regarding the Appellant's homosexuality I see no reason to depart from the [then] current country guidance" - this guidance being that "the evidence does not establish that in general there is persecution of homosexuality (sic) in Uganda".

This country guidance was changed in April and now reflects the actual situation for gays in Uganda.

Ugandan gay refugee John Bosco met Robert before he was in Haslar detention centre near Portsmouth and has remained in phone contact. He says:

"Robert is in tears and terrified."

"It's a really bad time for him and as a gay Ugandan, I know how hard it is to be gay in Uganda as I was arrested and tortured by police. Many people have been beaten by the public as soon as you have been labelled being gay. When I was deported by the British, you handed me back to government officers and this is what exactly happened to me. I was beaten up really badly. "

"I was lucky that I had friends here in UK who gave me some money which I used to bribe the police, but Robert doesn't have many friends as he has not been here long enough to make friends and most of the time he has been in detention centres."

John says:

"When I met him face to face, it was obvious that Robert is gay. The way he was talking, the mannerism and mentioning some of Ugandan gay guys I from Uganda. Robert told me what he has been through and from my experience I knew it did happen to him as it happened to me when people in Uganda came to know about my sexuality."

UK Border Agency are refusing to accept John's evidence as new as well as other evidence on the deteriorating conditions for LGBT in Uganda.

He has been refused a fair consideration of his case. His campaigners are supporting him in keeping him safe in the UK. We are urging you as Home Secretary to re-examine his case and give him protection in the UK.


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