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Petitioning Governor Andrew Cuomo

Save Franklin Central School from huge budget cuts.

Governor Cuomo is ready to cut education by $1.5 billion next year, on top of last year’s cuts of $1.4 billion. This would amount to the largest education cuts in state history.

The state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli released a report stating 100 out of 696 districts do not have enough money to cover the tax cuts, this includes Delaware County.

In an article by Chad Gustafson from the Post Journal states "Despite the information highlighted by DiNapoli's report, Cuomo announced Thursday that the report only deepened his belief that his proposed cut to the state's education budget is the correct one to make."

"Thursday's report from the Comptroller's Office finds even more evidence to support the education budget I have proposed," Cuomo said. "The report says all but roughly 100 of the state's 696 districts have enough reserves to cover the proposed reduction for this year."

What Cuomo does not address in his statement, however, is the portion of DiNapoli's report, Long-Term Implications of Using Reserves, which states: "Many districts that could use reserves to completely cover aid cuts would deplete all or most of their reserves in a single year in order to do so. This one-time fix would severely limit their flexibility to deal with future challenges."

Franklin has reserves to offset the cut, but it would only be sufficient for this year. We would as Gustafen reports have 'Long-Term Implications of Using Reserves."  We could face a possible closing of the school in 2012 if we deplete our reserve.

We need to say NO to these education cuts. We cannot use our reserve to cover the costs of budget cuts. We're about to have a part-time principal and no Pre-K program along with eliminating some other amazing  teachers. Our community cannot let this happen.

Please sign this petition to the Governor and the State Legislature protesting these devastating cuts, and proposing a simple alternative: that the surtax on NY households making over $200,000 per year should not be allowed to lapse. This one measure could yield approximately $5 billion in revenue next year.

Letter to
Governor Andrew Cuomo
The Governor has proposed to cut education by $1.5 billion statewide, on top of last year’s cuts of $1.4 billion. More than half a billion dollars would be slashed from NYC schools. The cuts would amount to the largest in state history.

These education cuts are opposed by 60% of NY voters. In order to protect our children from more educational damage, we urge you to adopt the following measures:

The state income tax surcharge on the wealthiest New Yorkers should not be allowed to lapse. Even after keeping the surcharge, the wealthiest one percent of households would still pay a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than other New Yorkers. Maintaining the surcharge on individuals making more than $200,000 and households over $300,000 annually would yield an extra $1 billion in state revenues this year, and an extra $5 billion next year – and prevent the need for any more cuts to public schools.

We need to say no to these education cuts. We cannot use our reserve to cover the costs of budget cuts. We're about to have a half time principal and no Pre-K along with other teachers eliminated. Our community and our children cannot let this happen.

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