Save foxes and dogs from horrific cruelty

When hunters send terriers underground to corner, attack and kill foxes, it's not just the foxes that suffer. The dogs do too. During the underground fights, injuries sustained by both animals include painful cuts, scratches and bite wounds. So-called "terrierwork" is carried out by sadistic individuals and as part of organised foxhunts (when pursued foxes attempt to find refuge underground). There is absolutely no justification for allowing this horrific cruelty to continue. Terrierwork must be urgently banned in Ireland.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister for Finance
    Michael Noonan
  • Simon Coveney TD
  • Prime Minister / Taoiseach
    Enda Kenny
  • Joan Burton
  • Dept of Agriculture
  • Minister for Agriculture
    Michael Creed TD
  • Deputy Prime Minister / Tanaiste
    Frances Fitzgerald

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