Petition Closed

The State of Florida is proposing to close more than fifty parks. Fort George Island and Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve in the Jacksonville area are two sited to be closed.  This petition, and the Florida taxpayers who have signed it, would like our elected officials to find other ways to cut expenses rather than close our parks.

Letter to
State Senator Donald Gaetz
Florida State Senate
Florida State House
and 13 others
Governor Richard Scott
State Representative Reggie Fullwood
State Senator Dorothy Hukill
State Representative Charles Van Zant
State Representative Lake Ray
State Representative W. Perry
State Representative Ronald Renuart
State Representative Mia Jones
State Representative Charles McBurney
State Representative Clovis Watson
State Senator Charles Dean
State Senator Rob Bradley
Florida Governor
I am writing to tell you that I am opposed to the closing of any parks in Florida to balance the budget. The State Government should find other ways of cutting expenses rather than taking away our natural resources. Many of our parks are the last frontier on the fringe of urban sprawl and are homes to many endangered species. These parks are where our friends and family go to spend quality time together in nature. If these properties close, we are certain that they will eventually become victim to private development. Please, do not close any Florida parks.

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