Save Fairfield United Church from being replaced by a Large Urban Village

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Save Fairfield United Church and Protect our Community from Overdevelopment

On the corner of Moss and Fairfield Streets at 1303 Fairfield St., sits one of Fairfield's most striking historic buildings: Fairfield United Church. Built nearly a century ago, it is a cornerstone of our community and defines the area.

STOP its demolition and STOP developers from converting it into a Large Urban Village.

The developer wants to build a 4 story apartment complex with retail space that requires substantial rezoning including increasing building height, reducing parking spaces, decreasing setbacks, diminishing green space, and increasing floor space. The new building does not reflect the character of the community or attempt to preserve or maintain/reflect in any way the architectural, historical and cultural importance of this landmark intersection in our neighbourhood. Allowing for a Large Urban Village zoning will increase congestion near our already busy elementary school, create street parking problems, decrease green space and forever alter a key Fairfield community in a way that is strongly misaligned with preserving its value for current and future generations.

Say YES to sustainable development. Adding new housing and renovating historic buildings does not mean destroying them. Victoria is full of examples where the exterior of historic buildings has been saved and the interior converted to housing or retail space.

The City is asking for input on this development and YOU CAN STOP THE DEMOLITION.

Sign this petition to show your support for saving this historic building and not converting this important location into a Large Urban Village.  Instead develop it by converting the interior space into housing/retail while maintaining the exterior.

If you want to take further action, here are two more things you can do:

Write an email to Major and City Council at and Alec Johnson, Senior Planner at and let them know you care about preserving our community.

Attend the Public Hearing.  It will held on Thursday March 14 at 6:30 pm at City Hall in Victoria.

Many people attended the community public meeting on Mar 15 and voiced their concerns about this development. We have until the public hearing to make our voices heard.  Afterwards the city will make a decision on whether to allow this development to proceed. Please act now.