Save endangered native animals

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This issue affects all of the New Zealanders and their native animals. We are killing them every day without realizing it. It's like we are under a spell where we are murdering animals without knowing. We can help our endangered native animals regrow in their population. And with enough money, we can start a breeding program and we can end the mass endangerment and extinction event that is happening currently because of us. 

There is research out there showing us all of the evidence we need, the population of all of our native animals have dropped by at least 10% and we are the reason this is happening. We are destroying their habitats and this is happening by deforestation for housing and agriculture, Climate change(We are using gasses which are causing carbon to build up and the air is not fresh and temperatures are rising.) and much more. If we can help the populations rise back up this will benefit all of us in the country and the world.