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Ealing Hospital is set to lose its A&E and if this goes ahead the likelihood is that it will then lose its maternity unit and children’s services in increasingly desperate efforts to save money by healthcare officials in NHS London. All of these changes have been rushed through as a result of the coalition government’s Health Bill just recently signed into law which aims to knock £20 billion off the bill for paying for the NHS.

With more than 100,000 people each year being admitted to Ealing A&E, and surrounding acute services stretched beyond their capacity, health campaigners claim this will have a catastrophic effect on patients in the Borough. Two other local A&E units are also set to close, these will most likely be those at Hammersmith and Charing Cross, as Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust struggles to pay off its £40m debt. The irony is that Ealing is one of the very few financially viable trusts, yet it will be destroyed by these plans.

The Save Our Services at Ealing Hospital campaign group is calling on you to sign the petition and make your voices heard in opposition to these proposals.

Letter to
Chief Executive David McVittie
Chair of NHS North West London Jeff Zitron
and 1 other
Secretary of State for Health, Department of Health UK Jeremy Hunt
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, Department of Health UK and Jeff Zitron, Chair of NHS NW London.

Preserve Ealing Hospital's full A&E Department

In their changes to Hospital services across their 8 Boroughs, NHS North West London's preferred option is to close Ealing's A&E, and two others. They must not close Ealing Hospital A&E as this would lead to the loss of all other services upon which over 300,000 people depend - like Maternity, Paediatrics and Medicine.


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