Save Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur

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The administration has taken a decision to convert Dumna Nature Park into to Zoo Cum Tiger Safari.
It is great to have a Zoo Cum Tiger Safari but not at the cost of destroying Dumna Nature Park.
The Zoo Cum Tiger Safari should be opened at some different location and not at Dumna.
It would not be in the interest of ecology to convert a free-range wildlife habitat into a safari or a zoo. If converted into a safari cum zoo, the naturally existing habitat would be destroyed leading to the unintended massacre of the naturally existing wildlife.
The Dumna Nature Park is a pristine wildlife habitat spread over nearly 1500 acres. The park houses a wide range of ecosystems -grasslands, shrubs, wooded and aquatic. The Khandari reservoir itself covers about 230 acres.
A wide range of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc including the leopard, jackal, spotted deer, barking deer, four horned antelope, wild boar, common Indian civet, small Indian civet, Indian crocodile etc. A multitude of migratory birds visits Dumna every year, mostly during winters. Most of the 325 species of birds found in Jabalpur have been recorded in Dumna by professional and amateur naturists.
Dumna is an ecotourism zone and also as an eco-education center where children from various schools and colleges regularly come to attend nature walks and natural history presentations.
The 12 km long cycle trail in Dumna is considered one of the best in the country by high ranking cyclists. Cyclists and visitors frequently sight wildlife and birds roaming freely in their natural habitat.
As against this, a tiger safari is where visitors can see tigers in a large enclosed arena which is maintained as a natural habitat. Zoo, of course, consists of enclosures housing different species.
Both concepts of Tiger Safari cum Zoo and Dumna Nature Park can coexist but at different locations. The establishment of one must not lead to the sacrifice of the other. This can be easily achieved if the Tiger Safari cum Zoo can be established at any other location. There is considerable land available in the proximity of Dumna as well - for example, the Lower Gaur Reserve forest. In fact, there is good forest cover at Pariyat, where plenty of government land is also available.

It would, therefore, be a great boon for the city if the Tiger Safari is established in any other place than Dumna.
Let us all get together and make sure that we SAVE DUMNA while we also have a ZOO CUM TIGER SAFARI at some other place in Jabalpur.