Save Derpy (and Hasbro's creative process)

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Save Derpy (and Hasbro's creative process)

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Alex Shen started this petition to Hasbro Studios and The Hub

To whom it may concern,

Recently, we were made aware of the alternate version of "The Last Roundup" that currently serves as the official copy of Season 2, Episode 14 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We suspected that the release of this modified episode could only be in response to the recent controversy surrounding character named "Derpy," who appears in the beginning of said episode. After viewing the alternate version, our suspicions were confirmed.

As avid viewers and supporters of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, many of us were surprised and shocked that such a change took place. There have been mixed reactions throughout our community, ranging from quiet acceptance to downright rage. While a great number of us are unhappy with the modifications, we understand the moral and legal implications surrounding the "Derpy" controversy and understand why such action was deemed necessary.

We simply petition for the return of the original version of this episode to be made available for consumption and urge you to reconsider your plans of action when similar situations arise in the future. Our desire for the original version is embodied in the following reasons:

1. We understand the risks that you bore in airing the original episode. In fact, we understand the risks that you take in creating and showing any episode. What you must realize is that we, members of the viewership, admire and respect you for taking such risks. We have seen the power of the creativity behind the show, and we treasure this TV series, every last bit of it. For some of us, you provided an unexpected source of entertainment. For others, you delivered a life changing message. We love each and every episode that you create, if not for the colorful characters, witty dialogue, and brilliant animation, then simply for the imagination and vision behind the series.

2. In undertaking such risks and going to great lengths to create such a quality show, we understand that certain actions may backfire. Someone may take a certain piece of dialogue to be rudely offensive and indecent. Others may perceive a character’s appearance to be an attack on a subset of the general population. In the case of “Derpy,” we were fully aware of those parties who believed that this particular character’s name, voice, and design were offensive to those people with mental disabilities. The controversy caused by these parties was quite unfortunate, and while we support the right to express one’s opinion, we wish to make something perfectly clear: we, the viewership as a whole, do not in any way, shape, or form, view the original design of “Derpy” to be an attack on the mentally disabled. We know that any perceived offense is wholly unintentional. We accept and love “Derpy” as she was created; in fact, many of us were able to identify with her circumstances. We hope this was made clear in previous petitions and was further emphasized through this one.

3. In addition to separating the view of the majority of the viewership from those who raised complaints regarding the episode, we also wish to reaffirm that we support you 100% in whatever you do. We understand that not all of us will always like what we see, but to please all of us is a definite impossibility. Yes, a vocal few may raise issue with your work from time to time, but we, the vast viewership of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, support your vision and creativity. From young teenagers to middle aged and even elderly viewers, we are behind you. We will not tolerate the tyranny of the angered minority that believes it has the right to enact changes that affect the majority without consent. This leads us to our third point: if and when people attack you for your creations, we will defend you. We will fight on your behalf, doing whatever it takes to preserve the vision behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. No matter how strong the opposition to your work, we will stand by you.

We sincerely hope you understand the weight of that last point especially. Your fan base is willing to do so much to protect your creations. Our attachment to and love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is too strong to allow the voices of the minority dictate the future of the show. While not all of us will like the result of your creative process, we fully support the process itself and the staff behind it.

In context of the episode “The Last Roundup,” we hope that you will make the original version available once more for consumption. If, however, circumstances prevent you from doing so, we will fully respect your decision and will still continue to support you.

You have given us so much, and we are eternally grateful. Is there anything we can do to help?

The collective viewership of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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This petition had 9,425 supporters

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