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Save Deception from Cancellation

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If you are a fan of the show, please sign this petition and let our voices be heard by the NBC network execs. NBC has canceled Deception and we want them to reverse this decision. We need more scripted shows like this on the air instead of “reality” shows. We feel that the network did not promote this show at all and it maitained a solid fanbase.  Below are the reasons this show deserves a second season wither on NBC or another network:


1)Epic Saga with Shakespearean cast of characters – with their deep flaws, conflicting interests, potentially explosive secrets, love entanglements, lust for power, sense of entitlement, striving for redemption; the Bowers family (& their hangers on) is so fantastically flawed & dysfunctional that it is stuff of Greek tragedies & Shakespearean drama. All the elements of a great story are here; this is a show that has a huge potential. Yes, it started out uneven with a few fumbles in the first few episodes; but found its footing and the last few episodes were really good.

2) Compelling Addictive Storytelling – Most of us fans agree we are hopelessly addicted to this show. The best whodunit tale I have seen in a long time. We love the twists & turns, edge of your seat, cannot wait until next week nature of the story telling. Nobody is as they appear, take nothing at face value; we sometimes watch an episode twice just to be sure we got it right. At a time when TV is crumbling under the weight of inane reality shows, police procedurals where crimes are solved in 30 minutes; there is a core audience for intelligent story telling.  Most of us understand that the “who killed Vivian Bowers” question was a way to lift the veil on this family: in my mind it is equally compelling to understand the why and to bring the perpetrators to justice.

3) Thermonuclear Chemistry between 2 of the lead characters – this show has something extremely rare – explosive, off the charts chemistry between Julian & Joanna. They did not even kiss until the last frame of episode 9, but there are hundreds of YouTube videos celebrating this pair. I think if this show was properly marketed to the correct demographics, it would pick up a lot of late teen/early twenties viewers. While Julian & Joanna are in their thirties, their love has a “lightness/sweetness” to it probably because their initial love was cut short when they were separated as teenagers.  

4) Comparable Numbers to other NBC Shows – even though this show got no promotion, was in the wrong time slot; it has numbers similar to/better than other NBC shows. From what I see online, Deception has similar viewership numbers to Whitney, Community, Parks & Recreation, The New Normal.

5) NBC Please Stop Cancelling So Many Shows – most of us no longer even bother to watch NBC because of the constant churning over of shows. Every season there is a whole slew of new shows that are quickly cancelled and replaced by a whole new bank of shows. It has gotten so bad that most of us do not want to invest in any NBC show because its probability of being canceled is extremely high. NBC – please stop.

6) Wrong Time Slot & Lead In – this show was doomed when it was given a 10pm Monday time slot. It was pitted against 2 established cop shows with dedicated audience (Castle & Hawaii-Five-0). It also had the worst possible lead-in with the Biggest Loser – the audience that watches obese people trying to lose weight is not the natural lead in to watching the extremely genetically-gifted people living the top 1% lavish lifestyle. Yet, with all these disadvantages, it got a good core audience and even increased viewership towards the end.

7) No Promotion – I did not learn of this show until 7 episodes in; and it was from a friend. My friend had stumbled on it on Hulu when it came up as a recommendation after she watched Scandal.  From what I can read online, most people heard about this show from a friend or stumbled across it by accident. That NBC & the producing company did not promote this show is beyond comprehension. Both Tate & Victor were just in Ben Affleck’s Oscar-winning movie Argo – Argo was in the news all the time in January – March when Deception was on, both of these veteran respected actors would have been perfect for the talk show circuit promoting Deception. I do not recall even seeing a promo on Hulu for this show. We the fans believe that with a little bit of promotion in Season 2, this show will continue to grow its audience.

8) Dedicated Fan Base – read the comments online, this show has a super-engaged dedicated fan base. I have never in my life been so emotionally invested or given so much of my precious time to a TV show, yet I feel absolutely compelled to do everything in my power to get this show a second season.

9) History Making – 2 Network shows with African-American Female Leads(Scandal on ABC)

10) Great Cast - a mixture of seasoned actors (Victor, Tate, John, Epatha, Katherine) and young up and comers (Meagan, Wes, Ella). You can see the cast getting better each week and how the internal cohesion is falling into place.

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