Save The Feral Cats in Half Moon Bay, Croton On Hudson! DON'T LET THEM STARVE AND FREEZE!

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For the last few years Half Moon Bay in Croton On Hudson has invested money into the popular and well known humane, Trap Neuter Release (TNR) feral cat program. A colony of roughly 10 feral cats have all been TNR and vaccinated in order to contain the population of the colony. A number of Half Moon Bay community owners have been feeding them daily over this period of time. These owners have provided food, water, and love to these beautiful and innocent cats that have been living in an unfortunate situation throughout their young lives. As of December 10th, 2018 the HOA board of Half Moon Bay has BANNED ALL FEEDING TO ALL CATS on their property (including the public bike path that surrounds the community). The board has threatened to fine all owners that feed the cats.

This is animal cruelty at its finest. The board has condoned starving the cats and preventing them from surviving the harsh winter cold without any food or assistance. The Half Moon Bay community cats have depended on their fellow caretakers for years and will not be able to survive on their own. We must be able to continue to feed the cats without any financial threats or backlash from the board. We need community support to show the board that the residents of Croton On Hudson and our surrounding neighboring towns DO NOT STAND FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY AND LIES!

Personal story
The Half Moon Bay cats have provided us, caretakers, with happiness and love over the years. Personally, as someone who has taken care of the cats in the snow, rain, and sun, I have grown so close to them. I look at them as my own pets and a part of my family. These cats do not deserve to suffer and be treated poorly because some board members do not like cats. The board will tell you that this is because cat food attracts rabid raccoons and skunks to the south end dumpster. Any common person would agree that a dumpster in itself attracts raccoons and skunks, not cat food. We can all agree, a raccoon and skunk would rather eat a half tray of lasagna in a dumpster then an empty can of cat food. The cats are fed daily near the dumpster, and all bowls are picked up (except water bowls) and thrown away. Over the summer in 100 degree weather, the water bowls placed under a fence near the bike trail, would be consistently thrown away. Please stand with us and represent the cats and allow them to continue to be fed. I am asking for you to sign this petition in order to be the voice of the cats!

Thank you so much!