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Save Case Closed

Glad to hear from everyone and wish for you to sign to save the show. English Sub or Dub we all love the series. I, one of the SCC members wanted the people that gave up on the series to see, that there is still hope.
We, the members of SaveCaseClosed Group.
If you have a facebook, hit the like button if you are a Case Closed fan. or checkout SaveCaseClosed Podcast.
Thinking about making a video to help us out. :)
Informing y'all,  y'all aren't the only ones who enjoy the Case Closed series. I am asking you to please help. If you truly enjoy the series.

By supporting SaveCaseClosed on Facebook, Youtube & Twitter.



Save Case Closed 2.0 Website

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Search for us on Google "Save Case Closed"


Our mission is to bring you a Podcast dedicated to Case Closed, and to Save the series in the U.S.
You be the Judge! Watch the trailer.
One truth Prevails --> Save Case Closed


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