Save Cardigan and Clwb Hoci Emlyn's Hockey Pitch!

Save Cardigan and Clwb Hoci Emlyn's Hockey Pitch!

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Clwb Hoci Castell Newydd Emlyn is a thriving club with increasing numbers of girls, boys and senior female and male members. It currently has a flourishing u12, u14, u16 junior section and a very successful ladies senior team.

The future of our hockey club is under threat, as plans for a 3G pitch at Cardigan means that competitive hockey will not be permitted on the surface, which affects not only our hockey club but also Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi pupils (who will also be unable to play hockey fixtures on this surface).


  1. EXCLUSION: 3G permits competitive football only (and rugby but most rugby clubs do NOT want to play on 3G due to horrific cuts, abrasions and injuries). A normal 2G surface will allow ALL sports to be played on the surface . So why opt for 3G?
  2. JUSTICE FOR ALL: We believe strongly that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to be inspired to be active through why exclude one sport in favour of another? 
  3. UNFAIR TREATMENT OF CARDIGAN: Almost every other 3G pitch in Wales is located in a town where there is ALSO a 2G pitch, so that no one is excluded. Why are we being treated differently? In addition, Ysgol Bro Teifi and Ysgol y Preseli were given the CHOICE as to which surface they wanted to opt for (and both opted for 2G)... why is Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi being treated differently?
  4. CHILDREN'S HEALTH is in why threaten the future of a club that helps get a variety of children involved in sport and its benefits?
  5. MENTAL HEALTH & WELLBEING: One in every 8 children in Wales have a diagnosable mental health condition. Evidence proves that taking part in physical activity can have a profound and positive impact on mental wellbeing
  6. OBESITY: Wales has the UK's biggest childhood obesity problem!
  7. GIRLS AND WOMEN: Encouraging more girls and women to find their way into sport and physical activity is vital if we're to close the gender gap that exists. Clwb Hoci Emlyn, as far as we know, is the only outdoor team sport available to girls in the local area. Once girls reach 14 years of age they are not able to play competitive football with boys, and at 12 they are not permitted to play mixed rugby. This leaves girls effectively without any form of team sport in the area.
  8. DISCRIMINATION: Wheelchairs damage 3G playing surfaces so will they be allowed access? And what about amputees?
  9. FOOTWEAR COSTS: Normal flat-sole trainers are NOT permitted on 3G pitches. Consequently, parents will be forced to buy football boots (with moulded studs) or 'astro turf' trainers, clearly leading to additional costs at an already challenging time
  10. PITCH COST: 3G pitches are far more expensive than 2G pitches!
  11. MAINTENANCE COSTS: 3G pitches have significant maintenance costs in comparison to 2G pitches
  12. TRAVEL COSTS: Forcing our club to move to an alternative location would mean increased travel costs to almost every club member (which threatens the future of the club at all age levels)
  13. LACK OF LOCAL TRANSPORT: Many from our junior section would not be able to find local transport e.g. to Crymych, Llandysul or Lampeter (locations which have been suggested to us)
  14. MICROPLASTIC POLLUTION: 3G artificial pitches are a large and growing source of microplastic pollution. Every year, thousands of tonnes of microplastic granules from 3G pitches enter the environment, including soil, rivers and wildlife.
  15. There has been a TOTAL LACK OF CONSULTATION. This defies normal rules of public decision making. Why has there been no consultation? From a young person's perspective there should have been specific consultation in a format that they could understand. 


Please help us in our campaign to secure a 2G surface for Cardigan and not 3G! A 2G surface would allow ACCESS FOR ALL & EQUALITY , especially for our young people, including Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi pupils. We simply cannot understand why any organisation would opt for 3G when considering all the factors noted above. PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING AND SHARING! Diolch :) 


There have also been may other issues that concern us, including the following:

CEREDIGION COUNTY COUNCIL'S LOCAL WELL-BEING PLAN DISCREPANCIES. Its Well-being Plan has values that includes 'tackling inequalities', and its Well-Being Aims include the following:

● "Create conditions for communities to support individuals from all background to live fulfilling,
independent lives ... enhance well-being…"
● "Create environmentally responsible and safe communities that can adapt and respond to the effects of climate change"
● "Enable people to live active, happy and healthy lives (support physical and mental health and improve wellbeing through promoting healthy behaviours) "


Here are some important aims from the above Act:

● "A Healthier Wales" (in which people's physical and mental wellbeing is maximised"

● "A More Equal Wales" (that enables people to fulfil their potential no matter what their background or circumstances)

● "A Wales of Vibrant Culture" (which encourages people to participate in sports and recreation)



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1,597 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!