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Save Canmore Rabbits 2

This is a follow on petition from Save Canmore Rabbits as the situation has changed.

The town council of Canmore in Alberta, Canada has decided despite local and international public objection that they intend to kill most of the towns population of feral pet rabbits.

The Canmore town council recently rejected an offer from the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a non-profit animal protection organization based in Washington, D.C. ARC had offered to trap, transport, spay and neuter ALL of the rabbits at no cost to Canmore. All the animals would be saved and adopted out to new homes.

The Council for unknown reasons has rejected this offer and opted for a small org who can only afford to fund taking 150 rabbits, the council insist that the remainder (the majority of the rabbits) should be killed. Why have they done this when a large organisation (ARC) can take all of the rabbits and do it cheaper?

It has come to light that the council have already made a deal to supply the rabbit meat to an unknown recipient. Because they will be selling the meat the rabbits will not be euthanized humanely and in order to preserve the pelts and meat they will be inhumanely gassed.

The rabbits are there in the first place because of neglectful owners and these animals need assistance not brutality. Officials have made quick decisions without even considering alternatives or the welfare of the animals.

We the undersigned urge that the pet rabbits are handed over to all of the rescue organisations that offered to help, especially ARC who will rescue every single animal at no extra cost.

There is no need for any of these animals to be killed.


This petition was delivered to:
  • Council Member Gordie Miskow
  • Council Member Hans Helder
  • Council Member Jim Ridley
  • Council Member Joanna McCallum
  • Canmore Economic Development Authority
  • Council Member Ed Russell
  • Council Member John Borrowman
  • Mayor Ron Casey

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