Save Brandhall Green Space

Save Brandhall Green Space

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save_brandhall green_space started this petition to Councillor Kerrie Carmichael (SANDWELL MBC)

Help us to save Brandhall Green Space (former Brandhall Golf Course) from being redeveloped!

Brandhall Green Space sits between the M5 and Wolverhampton Road, in the south of Sandwell. It was officially closed (as a golf course) by Sandwell Council in 2020, but the site has been the target for redevelopment for many years.

There are numerous reasons why the development needs to be stopped (listed below) and we need YOUR support to sign this petition to STOP this unnecessary, ill-conceived and poorly thought out redevelopment plan and to SAVE the site and to ensure it is protected for current and future generations.

From a local resident perspective, the flooding risk is of a major concern. Brandhall Green Space is designated as flood risk zone 3 (high risk of flooding/flash flooding) and as anyone who visits the site can attest, it experiences flash flooding on a regular basis (even with the current flood prevention measures in place). Development of the site will inevitably increase the risk and incidence of flooding and the reassurances from Sandwell MBC that this will be dealt with ring very hollow to local residents (given their past track record).

Redevelopment of the site will also add in excess of 600 cars to the local road network (and even more 'drive through' traffic if a school is build). All of these extra cars will inevitable flow into the already congested (and dangerous) Grafton Road, Wolverhampton Road & Causeway Green Road and bring significant additional traffic to Queensway and Tame Road. Local residents will be faced with MORE pollution, INCREASED risk of road accidents/pedestrian accidents, LOWER quality of life as the roads will be even more congested than they are now and HIGHER rates of illnesses due to the lack of clean air.

This petition calls on Sandwell MBC to shelve all plans for major redevelopment of the Brandhall Green Space site and to ensure that this important site is preserved for current and future residents to enjoy as a wildlife haven. 

Details of all the other objections that we are raising are listed below. We assert that  Brandhall Green Space:

1. Has not undergone Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) (bypassing SMBC’s own processes).  Sandwell MBC has exploited loopholes to bypass scrutiny, checks and balances (i.e. using site's former designation as 'Restricted Green Space’).

2. Is protected by the Black Country Core Strategy Policy ENV1 (Nature Conservation) and that it is designated as a CORE HABITAT ZONE by the BLACK COUNTRY PLAN (and as such is a priority for 'protection and restoration’).


4. Has NINE priority habitats protected by The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (2006) (NERC) Section 41 legislation.

5. Contains over 50 individual tree planting sites protected by a 99 year deed of covenant and funded as part of the £7 million Black Country Urban Forest Millennium Program.

6. Is an important wildlife corridor, verified as the home to several protected species.

7. Contributes greatly to policy ENV4 (provision, retention and protection of trees/canopy cover, woodlands and hedgerows) and the Nature Recovery Network and biodiversity net gain targets of the Black Country Plan.

8. Contributes to STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 1 and 2 of the BLACK COUNTRY PLAN (climate change mitigation and adaption).

9. Makes a major contribution to Sandwell's CARBON NEUTRALITY policy commitments through the carbon binding properties of non-renewable resources such as trees and soil.

10. Makes a major contribution to Sandwell's policy obligation to fulfil national CLEAN AIR TARGETS, which are integral to Sandwell's Climate Change Strategy.
Site is designated as flood risk zone 3 (high risk of flooding/flash flooding), experiences flash flooding on a regular basis.

11. Is designated an area of high historic landscape value (AHHLV) and is the ONLY green space site across all four Black Country Authorities that resides wholly within an area of high historic landscape value (AHHLV). All the other green spaces within the four Black Country Authorities which are designated as Areas of High Historic Landscape Value get preserved whereas Brandhall Green Space is selected for housing.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!