Save Borneo and its orangutans for God's Sake!

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Save Borneo and its orangutans for God's Sake!

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AbuBakr Guddarah started this petition to Department of Environment Malaysia Abdul Razak Bin Abdul Manap and

The heart of Borneo, homeland to about 2000 endemic species with about 200 discovered each years is a forest too unique, too precious that if it is once lost, it will not come again.

Very unfortunately the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia have started cutting the trees to give way to the palm tree plantations and the wildlife has to suffer. If we would not do anything than nobody will and our grandsons will not be able to enjoy the joy of Borneo.

The forest of Borneo it very quickly loosing its area just because of the too much dangerous economical demands of the governments of Indonesia and Malaysia. They have started cutting the trees to give way to the palm tree plantations and the wildlife is suffering.

The governments are not paying attention to the environmental concerns which many people have. They have started a very large-scale programme to cut down they forest tracts covering two thirds of the island to give way to the Palm Oil plantations and the settlements of homeless citizens from Java and Peninsular Malaysia.

If this is done without any attention to the environment, we will be loosing thousands of species of birds, reptiles, mammals and insects endemic to this wonderful island. This deforestation has started to show its serious effects already. Indonesia and Malysia have become the hotspots for endangered animals across the globe alongwith Brazil and Congo.

We all know that these tyrant and money-loving governments want nothing else but money. When everything is finished, they just get rid of all opposition using a simple and half-hearted apology, which is not enough to bring the extinct species back to earth.  The governments will, after everything is finished, build two or three memorials in the memory of these extinct species and will open two ar three new schools to encourage environmental protection so their vote and respect remains mantained.

 This will have severe disadvantages to the economy, biodiversity and the people of your countries also
1. Indonesia and Malaysia will loose all their endemic species and biodiversity will be exhausted.
2. Global warning will flood all of the low-lying areas of Malaysia and Indonesia due to pollution causing widespread deaths of people in the next 50 years.
3. In addition, tourists will no longer come to Indonesia or Malaysia to witness the beauty as it would be non-existent by then.
4.Furthermore, if the forests are cut down, the two countries will lack organic matter in their soil, resulting in a set back for the agriculture.
5. If the forests are cut down, the indigenous Dayaks of Borneo will loose their homes and will have nowhere to live.
6. Soil erosion will increase on Borneo causing Landslides and thus, deaths.
7. No support will be left for the forest-dependent industries such as fruit harvest, water extraction, herbal medicines and eco-tourism.
8. As a result of all this, the people of these two countries will suffer.

The same thing happened in Hawaii. Before the American and Japanese interference, the Hawaii island were secure enough for their unique and endemic bird species. Hawaii was a wonderland in other words. Its food webs were controlled by birds and mammals were non-existant. The Polynesians managed the environmental resources sustainably. But when USA saw its political advantage in conquering Hawaii, it did not hesitate to attack the island. Soon the money-lovers arrived with mammals, eventually resulting in the cutting of the most forests and the extinction of more than half of the endemic birds.

But now, we have learnt lessons from the past and we will not let the same thing happen to the island of Borneo; would we? So lets sign this petition to the President of Indonesia and the Prime Minister of Malaysia to veto this cutting. The following things will be taken into account:-

1. All the forested area of Borneo and Sumatra be assigned as a strictly monitored natural park.

2. Limited tourism should be allowed.

3. Pet trade and deforestationbe banned in the natural park.

4. The island of Borneo be restored to the form it was in thge year 1970

5. Economic activity be limited

6. Strict implementation of these laws.

7. All previous agreements regarding environmental protection such as the one with WWF Indonesia-Malaysia be taken into account.

8. Indigenous people be given their rights back.

9. Sustainable agriculture be carried out.


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