Save Bird Aid by May 27 2022

Save Bird Aid by May 27 2022

751 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!

Why this petition matters

Started by Rhian Nolan

The gulls urgently need us again!

We need to convince an ex-trustee to change his mind and accept the funds raised and previously agreed terms to save Bird Aid by May 27 2022. Sign this petition to show support for Bird Aid. 

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Last year Bird Aid supporters and Gull lovers pulled together to raise over £170,000 to save Bird Aid. With all the amazing support and help, Bird Aid was rescued from the brink of disaster. We cannot imagine the stress that the charity felt and the relief to have raised such a large amount of money through donations was heart warming to witness.

Bird Aid then shared the horrifying news below which puts so many animals lives at risk -

"Having successfully raised the sum required by the agreed date of 27th November 2021 to buy out the ex-trustee, Mr Roland St Clere-Smithe, he then refused the money! This was due to a technicality that he decided to enforce and could only be resolved by getting a ruling from the Charity Commission.

Due to the COVID delays and a total lack of co-operation from this individual, we ran out of time to complete. We have asked for an extension from him, but he has declined.  

Following our request, he instead insisted we grant him an extension of three months to his time, to buy out our share and then he would 'consider talking to us'.

This leaves us in an untenable situation. We cannot make any plans, let alone know whether he will grant us what we need, or indeed if and when he will 'consider talking to us'!

This man alone can decide whether Bird Aid stays here or not. The fate of hundreds of baby gulls is entirely in his hands. We can give him the money but cannot make him take it – and he knows this!

The upshot of his un-cooperative behaviour means that we could be out by the end of May with all our birds and animals facing euthanasia and thousands of gull chicks left to die.

We have yet to find out if any of our permanent animals can be moved over time, or if he will insist on vacant possession by 27th May 2022.

Whatever personal grudge he has against the Trustees, there is no excuse to leave hundreds of baby Gulls, and permanent birds, to die."

The only option left is for us to come together and show support for Bird Aid so that Mr St Clere-Smithe changes his mind and accept the funds and previously agreed terms. 

We need you wonderful people to give one final almighty push to save Bird Aid.

Please sign this petition which we will be sending to him or if you would personally like to ask him to reconsider, then please write to him:

 Mr Roland St. Clere-Smithe, c/o Brendan Rimmer, Helix Law,1 Frederick Terrace, Frederick Place Brighton.  BN1 1AX   or  email FAO Brendan Rimmer

If he does not agree, then Bird Aid is doomed. 

They could be closed by end of May, and you know the rest and what will follow. Thank you!

751 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!