Save Bellandur Lake, Save Local Economy, Save Namma Bengaluru’s Reputation

Save Bellandur Lake, Save Local Economy, Save Namma Bengaluru’s Reputation

6 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Praphul Misra

Bellandur Lake, a major water body in one of the three main valleys of Bengaluru,  forms a part of the Ponnaiyar River catchment, and water from Bellandur flows to Varthur Lake, ultimately joining the Pennar River.

Bellandur Lake was a prominent catchment area with a good green cover and was a watering hole for the region's numerous, indigenous wildlife.

But 30 years of unplanned urbanization (residential and commercial activities in the region) have taken a toll on the lake, currently, most of Bengaluru's treated and untreated sewage is released into Bellandur Lake, and uses the lake surrounding area to dump solid waste. Even industries from surrounding areas started dumping their waste into the lake.

Surrounding areas include Kaikondrahalli (incl Saul Kere), Harlur (incl Kasavanahalli Lake), Kasavanahalli, Choodasandra, etc.

The combination of all these factors has led to a decline in the once robust ecosystem of the lake which now resembles a stinking cesspool resulting in, among many things:

  1. Public Health: Residents in neighboring areas complain of an odious stench that rises from the lake and has been the cause of upper respiratory disorders and skin rashes among children and senior citizens.
  2. Depletion of wildlife in and around the lake - now several species are gone from the area, including kingfishers, parakeets, wood pigeons, kites, cobras, rat snakes, monitor lizards
  3. Increasing the silt deposition in the lake, reduced amount of rainwater reaching the lake, and loss of underground water recharge (all due to broken chain of tanks and lakes feeding the Bellandur lake)
  4. As in the recent weeks, water logging on surrounding arterial roads and neighborhoods has affected transportation of essential goods, attendance of school children, daily office commuters - overall economic activity that was rebounding after COVID19
  5. The presence of industrial chemicals in the water causes the lake surface to catch fire
  6. The main source of the problem comes from the fact that the lake doesn't completely come under any one civic body. The lake is under the jurisdiction of multiple agencies and civic bodies thus leading to a lack of accountability.  Further, BBMP has had no Mayor since SEP2020!!


  • Root Cause:  Immediate Reversal of Watershed Mismanagement. That is, rajakaluve flow to be restored to ensure the natural and expanded flow of rainwater.  This entails the removal of all illegal structures in the rajakulve and the offending parties fined.
  • Weeding & Desilting:  Weeds (like hyacinth) are to be removed and the lake needs to be cleaned/de-silted! AND proposer disposal of the waste thus removed to a site from where it does not flow back into the lake during the next storm.
  • Solid Waste Disposal: Proper garbage disposal needs to happen (elaborate)
  • Sewage Treatment Plants: No raw sewage to be discharged into the Lake.  
    • All condos’ and business complexes’ STPs to be monitored and their overflow to be discharged into the adjoining rajakulve
    • Communities that do not have access to STPs, need to
  • Sensitization of all stakeholders on the merits of an investment in legal construction, STPs, and proper waste disposal.

PROPOSED ACTION: Create an empowered task force with a time-bound plan to action the above and monitor, review, and report the same to all stakeholders. 

  1. Task Force Leadership: Align Civic Agencies so that Authority and Accountability are vested properly in one team
  2. Membership: Involve affected stakeholders, viz. representatives of villages, communities, condos, corporates, and market associations surrounding the lake
  3. Expertise: Involve experts that have hands-on expertise in Lake Revival/Rejuvenation and related activities
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Signatures: 503Next Goal: 1,000
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