Protect BC's ancient Inland Temperate Rainforest

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Did you know that one of Canada's oldest, most pristine forests is at risk of destruction? In the Central Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia, the region’s last surviving stands of old-growth Inland Temperate Rainforest are in danger of being lost forever to clearcut logging. The resident herd of endangered Mountain Caribou is crashing due to loss of old-growth forest. This is why the Valhalla Wilderness Society has proposed the Selkirk Mountain Caribou Park.

The park proposal includes the primeval Incomappleux rainforest, a forest that’s been growing continuously for thousands of years, with trees up to 4 metres in diameter and 1,800 years old. Despite numerous studies that have revealed its exceptional biodiversity, it is covered by a current logging permit and could be logged at any time.

About half of the 156,000-hectare park proposal has been reserved from logging by the BC Government, to provide habitat for the Mountain Caribou; but this forest is protected only as long as the herd thrives. Elsewhere in the park proposal, BC Timber Sales is starting to log caribou habitat, even while the herd is down to 25 animals, from 89 in 2008. If the Mountain Caribou herd is lost, the forest reserves will be lost, putting in jeopardy at least 40 other recognized forest-dwelling species-at-risk.

Existing parks in this area are too small and isolated to protect biodiversity. This includes the existing Glacier National Park, as well as Goat Range and Bugaboo Provincial Parks. The Selkirk park proposal would connect these parks, providing travel corridors for Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bears and many other species.

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