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Save Bay Tree Lake from being drained!

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Bay Tree Lake is a beautiful North Carolina State Lake that is dying. It is affecting wildlife & vegetation. Bald Cypress trees are dying. If this continues it will be a 1400 acre mud hole where a lake once stood. It is dangerous & several people have been injured. The developer dug ditches to keep the lake low so that wetlands could be sold for lots. So not only have they destroyed wetlands, but they have also drained a state lake in the process. We have notified the Army Corp of Engineers, DENR, and several other agencies and they have done NOTHING!! Concerned Citizens erected a dam in one of the ditches on private property and the lake held its own. The dam was reported to the Army Corp of Engineers and they forced the removal because it was not permitted. They will not allow us to fill in the ditches. However, the developer dug them without permits and that is illegal, but they do nothing about it! We put in a dam and they come running! Your tax dollars at work! Our only hope is a petition! Please help us save this beautiful lake from certain destruction. We cannot allow this lake to die because of corporate greed. We need to put in a dam or fill in the ditch that is draining the lake and the government has to give us a permit to do that! There are several laws on the books that state "it is illegal to drain a state lake either directly or indirectly" and no one will enforce it. There is a law specific to Bay Tree Lake that states it is illegal to drain Bay Tree Lake, and yet again no one enforces it.

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