Save Aravali Bio-Diversity Park. Save Lungs of Gurugram. Save the Effort !!!

Save Aravali Bio-Diversity Park. Save Lungs of Gurugram. Save the Effort !!!

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Sumit Mehta started this petition to Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister of Delhi) and

We want The Aravali Biodiversity Park and the efforts of over two decades of Reforestation be saved. 

ABDP, was originally a stone quarry, spanning 380-acres, is located near the Delhi Gurgaon border and covers the land between MG Road to NH48. After the quarrying was declared illegal in the Aravali Region by the Honourable Supreme Court of India, The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, in collaboration with an NGO "IAMGURGAON" facilitated the planting of more than 1,00,000 (One Lakh) Plants & Trees with the help of along 15,000 students, 20,000 private individuals and over 70 Corporates.

This confluence of like-minded individuals and groups have worked together over the last 8 years to sustainably plan, create and tend to this young, urban forest. Today, this forest has over 400 native Aravali plant species, all introduced under appropriate ecological considerations of nativity. It attracts more than 180 bird species and is home to native animal species like the nilgai, civet cat, jungle cat, jackal, mongoose and hare making it a biodiversity hotspot in this region. In the highly polluted Gurgaon (now Gurugram) with very poor air quality, this is a massive carbon sink & microclimate stabilizer.

In times of severe water crisis in Gurugram, with the groundwater depleting at 5m per year as the city pumps out 300% more groundwater than it recharges, the park serves to recharge over 320 million(32 crores) litres of water annually.

ABDP is an open, green space which not only work as stress relieving and healing spaces for its citizens but also serves as a lifeline of the City. The GMDA proposal of liveability indices envisages 7 sqm of green cover per person, which translates to 3500 acres of green space today for its current permanent residing population of 20 lakhs. The Aravali BDP’s large green currently serves to meet about 11% of this total figure in a city starved of green space.

A few days ago, the citizens of Gurugram were shocked to discover that the GMDA has proposed, and NHAI has endorsed the project for constructing a 6 lane highway cutting through the Aravali Biodiversity Park. As part of the Manesar-Gurgaon Road Connectivity Project, which will ruin the efforts of citizen and lakhs spent over a decade in reforestation. 

The Road through the ABdP is in gross violation of our fundamental right to fresh air – apart from being highly suspect on several environmental, moral & civic grounds. The patch of the Road being planned is based on an obsolete survey Conducted by NHAI before full-fledged operation of NH-8 and before the new Fly-overs, Underpasses, etc. got operational.

The Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is already facing a disaster due to unconventional traffic movement in the region and an alarming fall in the number of Migratory Birds in the said region is being Observed over past 05 years. 

Instead of the state taking cognisance of and celebrating and propagating this model, we find ourselves justifying the existence of, and defending against the destruction of - this very project. The Aravali Diversity Park becomes significant in the fact that it lies along one of last remaining “Aravali Ecosystem Corridors” on the erstwhile Ridge area of The National Capital Region.

In response,

We the citizens of Gurugram, We the ecologists, We the Running Groups, We the Cyclist Groups, We the Naturist, We the Flora, We the Fauna AND We the Children of this Polluted City

                    who planted this young forest

                    who spent their hard-earned resources

                    who aided to Develop conserve, preserve the green blanket of our city.

Request the support to “Save The Aravali Biodiversity Park” and we unanimously request the state of INDIA that the ABDP be declared a “Sacred Forest” to protect, conserve, and cherish – what they rightfully, consider sacrosanct and therefore sacred, to them.


Sumit Mehta, Advocate 
Rudra Law Firm

#nahitoNHAI  #SaveAravaliBiodiversityPark #notonhai #letusbreatheclean

Aravali Bio-Diversity Park


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Supreme Court Lawyer

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,00,000!
At 5,00,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!