Save animals in Surabaya zoo

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Save animals in Surabaya zoo

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The animals are all mistreated. There are 180 Pelicans kept in a volleyball-court sized enclosure.
The staff members are strongly accused of animal trafficking which local police are investigating
All of the animals are either ill or physically disabled

Former staff members have also been accused of poisoning a couple of Jarvan Warthogs as a way to seek revenge on the zoo.



I don't have anything to do with this zoo. I only want someone, anyone to save these beautiful animals and to see this horrible zoo shut down forever. The animals all deserve to be rescued and rehomed. Hopefully a wildlife sanctuary or another zoo (that looks after their animals not matter what!) steps in to save them from the painful and tragic deaths they're likely to experience in this place.


There is a wonderful update on this disgusting zoo. People in animal welfare organisations like Wildlife Calling and Cee4life have been giving access Not all of it is wonderful, animals are being killed as you will unfortunately read in the following stories. I personally want to thank the amazing Sybelle Foxcroft who is the CEO of Cee4life (Conservation and environmental education 4 life) who has reported these horrific stories during her visit to the Surabaya Zoo.

Update Surabaya Zoo - Its Bad... but there is Hope - As many of you know, there has been a breakthrough in the Surabaya Zoo, where we have now been given access to the entire zoo, behind the scenes included. 
There is great sorrow inside this zoo.... I cannot put into words the amount of tragedy we have seen in the last few days with numerous animals. We wish to state clearly that any reports that you hear about in the news, coming from political elements of Surabaya (you know who) claiming that the zoo is fine, we categorically state, THIS ZOO IS NOT FINE. Do not believe that for one moment. 
Having said that, the amazing breakthrough to allow us into the zoo, has been made crystal clear to us that there are such good people in Surabaya Zoo, that are begging and crying out for help, and they wish that they could wake up in the morning and the entire zoo was fixed. That is exactly how it is, that is the truth. 
The other truth is that there are some very bad elements in the zoo, eg: Some staff that turn up to work, sign on, then go home. This can be done because of old rules.
The other more sinister truth is that is without a doubt a killer, or killers, at work in the zoo. The exact motivation of these acts is not clear yet, but its thought maybe an attempt to sabotage attempts made to implement "changes". It is vile. It is vile because of the fear in some very good people we have seen, brought to tears when they tell their stories to us. It is vile because we have probably looked into the eyes of the Michaels killer. 

I went to Michaels cage, the place of Michaels death. It was explained to me what is thought to have happened. 
To clear up the ridiculous media story, - Michael DID NOT commit suicide, Michael DID NOT climb up on a chair, throw the wire cable over the top bars and tie a noose around the neck, the somehow kick the chair away while at the same time fastening the noose to the ground...... Michael was murdered, and the person responsible is inside the zoo.
How do you find a killer? The first thing you look for is witness's and yes, there are witness's... More on that to follow...

This work in the zoo, is going to take a long time. The fact of the matter is that there are definitely going to be numerous more deaths, that is unstoppable at the moment. There are animals that are so far gone that they cannot be saved.

One thing I wish to clarify is that the little orangutan babies that we got out of their cages, we were only able to do that for a short time. There is no enclosure for them, there is nothing for them except the cages, and a sleeping area, which is like a cage anyway. They dont have anything to hold onto, they dont have anything. So while living areas and designs for enclosures are being made as fast as possible, we are trying to give these babies some type of security and comfort when they are alone. There are specific types of toys or comfort items that they can have such as large toy bears to cuddle, but these items MUST be safe, MUST NOT have all buttons and plastic eyes etc that the babies could swallow, and MUST be made of allergy free and pure materials. We will post up about them when we find them, or anyone who knows, please let us know where to purchase them.

There are sights in the zoo which break your heart. Yesterday I was taking photos of a dreadful sight of the endangered green turtles. Yes they live in the sea and eat seaweed and jelly fish etc, and they swim far apart is wide open waters and sunshine. Not here..... 10 turtles in area of darkness and water so polluted, food so wrong, that their shells have changed colour. Ive worked and swum with many Green Turtles in Australia, and I could not believe my eyes. The were like aliens...... 

Over the coming weeks, we will be contacting many people and organisations that have offered aid, and we will do our best implement the beginning of these changes. You will hear other negatives in the news, and you will hear about deaths in the news. But if you want the truth of what is occurring inside the zoo, then you ask a question here and we will tell you to the best of our knowledge.

This is a massive job, it is mixed with extraordinary good people, and those that have egos and fight against animal welfare, and those that are killers.
Its a job where the good inside the zoo are being crucified by the bad.
But things are changing, and with any change, some people will fight against it. We believe that the death of Michael the Lion , the deer today, and the Komodo dragon are a result of those that are fighting against change.... We dont know how many more animals will die before it stops, before the killer/ killers are found, but we do know that animals are going to die... We cant give up, they are innocent and at the mercy of evil.

Below is the labi labi turtle who died sometime in that last week, and no one knew until we walked by. RIP little one, we are so sorry we were late  
There are many more tragedies in this zoo, but we will do everything to try and stop this.

The story of Surabaya Zoo is so complex that all elements cant be explained easily or quickly, but one day, the world is going to know the full truth of what has happened and why the animals were persecuted. We will make sure of that.

Will update again soon. Thankyou for staying on this journey. If you can help, please go to Wildlife Calling,
Peace ~ Sybelle
















I unfortunately have the link to one of the stories relating to Michael the lion's hanging. Please be warned this comes with a very graphic picture of this beautiful baby's lifeless body. These images will stay with me for the rest of my life                        

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