Save and Restart American Manufacturing Jobs Act

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The Act would compel in 12 1/2 years, all U.S. citizen owned private and public manufacturing companies to have at least 28 percent of their manufacturing in the U. S.

One exception are USA owned auto makers, to defined in the Act a much higher percentage of their automobile manufacturing must remain in the USA.

This is simply a moderate and wise form of regulation, as needed in every field to keep an even and fair flow of commerce.

Beginning at 18 months all U.S. citizen owned private and public manufacturing companies to have at least 10 percent of their manufacturing in the U. S. then every succeeding year, must increase their manufacturing in the states by two percent, for the following five years. After that time, a one year period where there is no increase, to monitor how the companies are coping. Will then be decided, if to increase another four years, two percent each consecutive year, with another one year monitoring period after the second year, having no percentage increase to monitor how business are coping.

Will Result in 12 1/2 years total, all American companies, will have at least 28 percent of their manufacturing in the U.S. The remaining 72 percentage of manufacturing would be decided by American companies to manufacture in other countries to be competitive in a global market."

1:) The Act would be a prudent measure for our national defense, in case of an unaware natural or man made world event, events that may disrupt the world markets. This will safe guard that we have a sufficient manufacturing base, to retool, stop potential life threatening shortages.
2:) The Act would increase the middle class, needed to sustain the nation's well being and primary social services. The manufacturing wages are of greater value, produces many types of supportive jobs.
3:) The act could be a major factor to pay off the national deficit, by the extra income taxes paid by higher salaries, and if combined with another major factor, cost cutting measures in government, will be amplified.
4:) The Act may even spread more of the CEO's wages, to workers in the U.S.A.
5:) The Act's primary desired effect is to remove the at whim handling of tariffs, that can rapidly paralyze the global markets.
6:) The act would even if automation was to take a larger role in the manufacturing process, will bring supportive jobs to the USA.

The timing and amount of compelled manufacturing in the U.S. must be carefully maintained, sufficient moderation so companies to cope, and not increase even the slightest, or else the companies, our nation's, the global market lively hood is at sake.

Any company that is sold to a non citizen, must continue this percentage for up to sixty years, to be permitted to sell their products in the U.S.A. All new U. S. citizen owned companies must also have the same compelled manufacturing in the United States, within 12 months must start no less then eight percent (slightly lower to help in starting a new business incentive and overcome market global competition) and continue on the same schedule as established companies. All U.S. citizen owned companies, that currently have more them 28 percent of their manufacturing in the U. S., would be forbidden to go lower then 28 percent.

The Act will add moderation, safe, gradual return of manufacturing jobs to the USA, safe guard the National defense, and ensure the domestic tranquility by bringing stability in an adequate size of the middle class, needed for prosperity in the country.

Currently many rich CEOs of American companies do not want this act to pass, wealthy Republicans CEOs and wealthy Democrats CEOs who are selfish, only looking out for themselves. Including Democratic leadership having Socialist agendas also wish not to have this act to pass, to keep the American citizens disadvantage, to have the rich CEO's to blame to promote a socialist agenda. The result is now for decades our middle class keeps shrinking and families suffer.

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