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To:  All AmeriCorps Members and persons of interest

Please sign the petition and send e-mails to your local legislators asking them to support  us in our efforts to save the AmeriCorps programs.


Gladys Grant, Program Director

Lee County School District Building Bridges AmeriCorps Program


Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
The Lee County School District Building Bridges AmeriCorps Program is now in its third year of implementation in the District. To date, we have logged in approximately 45,000 hours of community service in the Lee County and surrounding areas. Our students serve as tutors/mentors and serve over 350, K5-5th graders in afterschool programs. The AmeriCorps members also serve volunteers for other organizations and agenices in this poor deprived district with a high school dropout rate of approximately 40% of the population. Single parent homes are at an all time high at approximately 60% of households. Approximately 40% of the young mothers are not educated at a level that they are able to assist their child(ren) with homework assignments. The 37 AmeriCorps members in Lee County serve in day and afterschool programs in an effort to raise the reading levels of our youth, thus raising the pass rate on standardized tests. Our goal is to build stronger families by bridging the gap between those students who are struggling to succeed and those who have the parental support. If this program is lost, Lee County will suffer a great loss --the opportunity to continue to decrease high school drop out rate and increase the reading level and motivate our students to want to learn.

We are asking you to support us in our efforts to save this important program that has become one of the partners for supporting a high level of education and a change in the Lee County and surrounding communities.

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