Save Alberta Public Healthcare. Tyler Shandro: Reverse The Cuts

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Remember when the UCP guaranteed that they would maintain or increase Public Healthcare funding?

I was born and raised in rural Alberta and I care a great deal about the welfare of people in this province. The recent cuts by the UCP government, implemented by Health Minister Tyler Shandro, have put the health and well-being of all Albertans at risk. Changes to policy are already increasing wait times for critical tests like CT scans and MRI’s. Last week the government cancelled the contract with our doctors to force extreme pay cuts: 20% this year and 30% next year. Rural and urban clinics and hospitals will see reduced service and even closures and many doctors are already considering leaving the province - how can they negotiate a contract with a government that will rip it up at any time to balance their poorly managed budget? Albertans across the province will suffer in the long run.

Stand up for your healthcare, stand up for the healthcare of your loved ones and your neighbors. Demand that Tyler Shandro either reverse this decision to cancel the master agreement with our doctors and implement cuts April 1st or resign. It’s that simple.