Save Albert Park's iconic Golf Course 2kms from Melbourne CBD. Stop Parks Victoria plan.

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Lakeside Golf Club at Albert Park Golf Course started this petition to Martin Foley (Local Albert Park MP) and

Parks Victoria, who manages Albert Park on behalf of the State Government, has released a Masterplan that aims to reduce the public golf course from 18 holes. 

The amount of land they have allocated for golf in the new plan is just enough to have a pitch and putt and a driving range.

''This will mean the end of Albert Park as a destination for real golfers.''

The many tens of thousands of people who play golf at Albert Park Golf Course every year will be without their golf course. Social clubs, Handicapped Competitions, Pennant matches and Charity Golf Events will be a thing of the past.

As golfers and park users, we believe in improving the park and the course, but this plan destroys golf at Albert Park forever.



  1. Visit Albert Park Draft Master Plan (Action 4)
  2. Click on the "Feedback Bubble" located on the bottom right corner.
  3. Select 'Strongly Don't Support' and tell them why is important to save  our one in a kind Melbourne City Public Course. Tell them what effect the closure will have on you and your community.
  4. Please register here to join the petition to #Save18Holes at Albert Park.
  5. Please like our Facebook page Save18Holes



Where I can see the map of how the golf course will be affected?

As you can see from Parks Victoria’s Master Plan map, the golf course will be reduced from almost 6000 metres to less than 2000 metres – not a real golf course but a pitch and putt course, almost the entire golf course will disappear.

Is the Masterplan all Bad?

No.  There are some great ideas in the Masterplan, like upgrading the walking tracks, providing safe night lighting, and increasing pedestrian access to the park.  There are some ideas worth considering, like the pedestrian footbridge over Queens Rd, and a pedestrian footbridge over the lake.  However, there is room for these improvements without destroying the golf course.

What do we want?

We want Parks Victoria to be aware of the effect this golf course closure will have on golfers.  We want our voices to be heard.  Those of us who play golf regularly at Albert Park, as well as the tourists, and the Corporates, and the Charity and Social Groups, need to let them know that this is a reckless plan that does not have community support.  We need to save 18 holes for today, and for the future.

Who can you contact to voice your opposition to this plan to ruin the 18 hole golf course?

Who are we?

We are golfers who love the 18 holes at Albert Park Golf Course. This website was paid for by:

How can I get more involved on this campaign?

If you would like to become more involved with #Save18Holes, please email the Lakeside Golf Club Captain


This petition made change with 4,910 supporters!

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