Save 100 Stanley Street

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Nan Finlayson, is the homeowner and garden wonder who lives on the corner of Stanley Street and Wharncliffe Road (100 Stanley Street). She has recently been informed that her quiet oasis on a busy corner in a sea of cement is about to be drastically changed. The mature, as well as younger native trees on her property will be cut down. The pollinator garden filled with many native plants that she has nurtured for years will be destroyed. Her home, a 120 year old Priority 1 designated heritage home where she has resided for 27 years will be demolished. All of this to accommodate a city project with the specific purpose of expanding 3 lanes of traffic to 6 lanes on Wharncliffe Road beside her property. This change is to improve traffic flow under the bridge ultimately favouring developments in the south end of our city. More cars will only perpetuate the problem and Nan's home will be demolished. Here is the perfect chance for our city to take a unique stand, come together as a community and be proud to respect our planet earth and take care of our neighbours.