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Our 10 year old son, our brother, our nephew, our friend, our student, our neighbour Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou has disappeared since Monday March 12, 2018. He left his home on foot at about 11:00 am to go visit his friend at his home just a few blocks down the street after getting permission from his mother. That was the last we saw of our Ariel. We immediately contacted the Montreal Police. There was a Quebec wide Amber Alert that was issued by the police very shortly thereafter and within 24 hours that Amber Alert was lifted despite the fact that our son was still missing. We beg you to please reinstate this Amber Alert. Our Child is not home. Our child is still missing. Our son is a good boy. He did not run away. He has no behavioural issues. This is the case of our little 10 year old boy that is missing and that we are so desperate to find. As his parents and as his family we are convinced that our child has been abducted. We have seen videos of our son speed walking and looking over his shoulder. We have seen footage that makes us firmly believe that our son is out there in the hands of the people who took him waiting for us to find him. Please help us find him. He has been kidnapped. Someone out there has our son. Someone out there certainly knows something. Please help us in our quest to get the Amber Alert reinstated.

To the Montreal police we implore you to please reinstate the Amber Alert. Once an Amber Alert has been issued for a child the alert should remain active until the child is found. Deactivating that alert gives people the belief that the possibility of an abduction has been ruled out, that the child is not in imminent danger or that the child has been found and the case is closed. This makes people stop looking for our baby and above all else we don’t want people to stop. We don’t want people to forget. We need you to help us get our child back to us. We miss him terribly. So please, we ask you, the SPVM, to reinstate the Amber Alert. Our son could be anywhere right now, please increase our chances of finding him by reinstating a Canada Wide Amber Alert for Ariel Jeffrey Kouakou until he has been found.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the hard working police officers of the SPVM, our family and friends, our community, our neighbours, the countless volunteers and the entire Canadian population for their outpouring of love, prayers and support. We thank you all for the tireless and diligent way in which you have worked and continue to work to help us find our son and to bring him home where he belongs. May God Bless you all and give you the strength and endurance to help us find our son. Our baby boy. Our Ariel.

We love you Ariel. We miss you.