Close Fake NGOs

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Myself Saurabh Yadav, I was working in MNC but i quit my job to serve the people of our society and basically to assist them to overcome the poverty centric problems but due to fake and irregular functioning of other NGOs,  the real beneficiaries of our society is deprived of their needs and rights despite these NGOs are availing lots of funds and support under the canopy of the government and private authority. So, i have decided to take positive step by starting my 'Hope of Life Foundation' NGO. Basically, with motive to serve people and real beneficiaries by reaching to them at grassroot level.        

At present around 3.5lakhs NGOs are registered in India but they are not exactly working for the society if they worked then eradication of poverty from the under developed country like INDIA will not be tough. 


So a pro-active measure, real scrutiny and investigation of the NGOs need to be conducted by the proper committee of the government as per the need without harassing the real working one. So that real beneficiaries at grassroot level be benefited without any interruption to them, altogether there are 3.5lakhs of NGOs in 707districts of INDIA in 33 States where more of them NGOs are just the name on the paper for public and government funds therefore a measures is needed to investigate them, judge them and cancel their licence as soon as possible as they were not working properly for mankind.Further an endeavour is needed to consolidate and unite proper working NGOs and cooperation,coordination and collaboration of the youth and government is needed.

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Saurabh Yadav