Revoke the Kanes' permit to breed dogs for medical research

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Sauk county in Wisconsin has approved a permit to breed Coonhounds for medical research on an old agricultural site. This permit was approved by the Land Resources and Environment Committee to be awarded to a couple in Spring Green, Wisconsin, Clinton and Jane Kanes. 

Many members of the committee did NOT want to issue this permit, citing their moral opposition, however they only did so by advice from the county lawyer, stating they must issue the permit if the Kanes met all the legal requirements. 

This is a great injustice to the dogs that will be kept on the property, estimated to house hundreds to thousands of dogs, that will be shipped off to be tortured for "medical research". With all the advances in science, there is zero reason to allow for animals to be test subjects, except to be cheap and exploit those without a voice. By abiding the letter of the law, the members of Sauk County, Wisconsin have allowed the mistreatment of animals for fear of legal repercussion- but isn't the law in place in a civil society to PROTECT the innocent, not to subject them to inhumane treatment and certainly not to protect the avarice of those willing to harm others?

We need as many signatures as possible to show Sauk County, Wisconsin they were wrong to issue the permit and action needs to be taken to reverse this decision. By signing, you are showing your support to the animals that are in need and NOT with those who wish to profit off their suffering.