#LightUpDelhi Install Solar Lamps within 1 km radius of the Delhi Metro Stations. #WeWalk

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I can remember that evening when on a simple walk to the Nehru Place Metro Station, I was stalked, eve-teased, and almost molested because the darkness of the evening shadowed the perpetrators. I requested them to stop when they came too close, as I walked in fear that any loud protest will trigger them into action even quicker. In that moment, I felt ashamed at my lack of independence out of concern for my physical safety, with no fault of my own. I was fortunate that I got away, but most people are not.

Like me, many women, men, and children are subjected to the risk of stalking, molestation, assault, robbery, and even rape or murder, as they try to go by their daily lives.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau, Delhi consistently tops the crime rate amongst 19 major Indian cities. A survey conducted by an organisation working on safety in the city shows that Delhi has more than 7,400 dark spots. Many areas are poorly lit despite having street lights because they are non-operational, hidden behind trees & sign-boards, or installed only for vehicular traffic. Enhancing illumination is a proven measure of improving citizen safety.

The Delhi Government needs to make our streets safer and accessible. The safety of citizens in Delhi has been a consistent topic of conversation since the gruesome rape and murder of a young Nirbhaya in December 2012. Not much has changed since, and the government cannot be let away without accounting for measurable progress.

The Solution:

The Delhi Metro is the safest mode of public transport in the city. As a primary step towards making a #SafeDelhi, we need this safety to extend beyond the station areas: whether we look for further transport from the stations or walk our way to our destinations.

Let us ask the Delhi Government to:

  • Prepare a report on the condition of street lighting around key public areas.
  • Install sustainable solar LED lamps on all walkways/ footpaths in a 1 km radius around all metro stations.

I appeal everyone to sign this petition to take this step towards better accessibility, and a sustainable, safer, pedestrian friendly Delhi. Each of us deserves to lead free and happy lives without worrying for the safety of our loved ones’ and our personal safety. Let us take our Capital back. #LightUpDelhi #WeWalk

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