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Quit paying to mock Jesus

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Please join me in asking NBC, Saturday Night Live, and all of the Commercial Sponsors in ceasing Funding while this offensive and blasphemous skit is being promoted and replayed by NBC and SNL "JESUS IS COMING BACK."

Saturday Night Live repeated the show that was so offensive and blasphemous.
Once again, Saturday Night Live replayed the offensive and blasphemous skit called, "JESUS IS COMING BACK," and this is being promoted and supported by NBC, it's affiliates, and financial supporters (commercials).  Now as I am sure with most commercials, you just buy as slice of time, and you may not actually know what ANS where you end up. However, that may not be the case.  Whatever the case may be, we are asking, that SNL, NBC, and all affiliates and commercial and financial backing is removed until this skit is removed and an apology is rendered. 

Please, reach out to each of these advertisers in an email, and simply tell them that: 

I am Chloe, and I am 13, and As an American and Christian,   I fully understand that freedom of speech is a right that should never be infringed upon. However there are other freedoms that are dear to many Americans. One of these freedoms Is the freedom of economic choice. That is to say, the freedom to spend my money where I choose, and where your company choses. 

As a result of your economic support of Saturday Night Lives shocking disrespect of the Christian faith in the "JESUS IS COMING BACK " skit, it appears that your company and Saturday night live producers are hostile to the Christian Faith. In addition, there is another offensive aspect to this skit, in that it demonstrates that there is a firm belief that bullying Christianity, and its most sacred beliefs is not only to be tolerated, but to be encouraged.
 I hope either that your companies were not aware of what was planned, and the producers, writers and Actors on Saturday night live fully believe that Christianity and Jesus is to be mocked as a holy religion and is to be bullied, parodied, and treated as a common, trite, attempt at comedy.

Since your company has decided to financially back and support a policy and Company that declares  Christianity's central figure " Jesus" to be disrespected and bullied,  I have decided to personally withdraw from the practice of looking to your place of business as a provider for the products and Services that you offer. 

In addition,  I will no longer be using your business until you castigate Saturday Night Live, NBC and it's affiliates  for their disrespect of Christianity. I will also refuse to be your patron, and will discourage all that I know from using your business as long as they continue to advertise a television show that is so Blatantly disrespectful and blasphemous to the Christian faith.

It saddens me to believe that your company, a company who has flourished in this great land we call America, has chosen to attack the faith of its citizens, and has chosen to turn its back and mock the church.

Thank you for joining my cause.
Chloe and jennifer Lorenzen 

the sponsors for the show last night are as follows. 
The sponsors are: 
Okios Yogurt made by Dannon 
Estee Lauder
Hidden Valley
Home Depot 
Net 10
Lens Crafters
Red Hawk Casino 
Tropicana Farmstand
Novolog Flex Pen

Thank you 
Chloe and jennifer

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