A Sequel Series to the AKB0048 Anime

A Sequel Series to the AKB0048 Anime

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Lindsey Pamplin started this petition to Satelight Inc. and

We fans of "AKB0048" have patiently awaited a continuation to our favorite idol anime for several years; either in the form of a sequel series or a new season. Sadly, no such continuation has been made, much to the dismay of us adoring fans.

Instead of giving up, we're here to petition a continuation ourselves! Not only will this petition show examples of what we as the fans would love to see the continuation possibly include, but also how many of us are begging for more of our favorite anime via the signatures!

if you're a fan, please consider signing! If you're one of the people who could make the continuation happen, please consider making our dreams of more 0048 content come true!


What are some things we as fans are hoping we might see?

-The return of the beloved trainees/successors from the first anime, even if they aren't the main focus

-Many fans have suggested Makoto and Sonata staying trainees for a while as the others move forward or leave for various reasons(Suzuko becoming an assistant, Orine succeeding Sashiko, Chieri eventually disappearing, Yuka having to take care of her ill parents, Takamina leaving allowing Kanata to replace her Etc.)

-New and interesting characters to follow

-The return of the Tundrastar kids as well as Yayoi

-Trainees and other members questioning WHY planets even have entertainment bans

-Some background/information on Sensei Sensei

-An explanation on how Earth was destroyed and how/what exactly happened when the Dualim and Kiraras were discovered

-The inclusion of Original Members either not mentioned or barely mentioned in the original series from AKB48 and a few of it’s sister groups first generations (Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki Sakura have been specifically requested)

-Include songs not previously used in the show along with all the  favorites from the original anime (Specifically requested songs include--Position from team B, Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, Flying Get, No Way Man, Temodemo No Namida, #Sukinanda, Hopeful Refrain, Kimi Wa Melody, and more songs for solos duets and trios)

-A larger variety in character types in the show including new trainees without following unseemly stereotypes(people of color and more variety in body types, for example)

-The story of the first Center Nova and how each since shine ever brighter

-If disappeared center nova can return, what are the conditions to cause it? WHo was the first and how many returned? What happens after they return?

-Why there’s only one teacher for AKB0048 if not adding more teachers

-Members even offhandedly mentioning a therapist for the group (as they would need one)

-The impact on the group and fans when a trainee is the first to succeed a name since the original member (a good chance to represent the requested members)

-What do most members do after  graduating?

-Showing other local idol groups/individual artists exist on planets without entertainment bans OR having AKB have its sister groups represented by the group splitting off to cover more of the growing populated universe

-Continuing the storyline of artificially created Kiraras and why it is being attempted-The motives behind the DGTO and DES for banning entertainment in the first place and how they came to have the power to do so in the first place


Hopefully the signatures of us fans can provide enough motivation for the continuation we're all hoping for!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!