Save the Solar Industry in Saskatchewan & Over 500 Jobs

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On Sept. 19, 2019, SaskPower announced that they would be immediately suspending all net metering solar programs in the province of Saskatchewan

Why should you care? This means every homeowner, business or farmer will no longer be able to install a solar system on SaskPower's grid regardless of whether they choose to pay for the entire system cost. 

SaskPower put a stop to the 20% rebate but they also suspended ALL ACCESS to the grid via net metering until further notice. This isn't about a rebate disappearing, the people of Saskatchewan no longer have the choice to use renewable energy on the very grid that every resident collectively owns and have long since paid for through years of taxation.

So not only are you losing your freedom of choice to go green and own your own power source in one of the sunniest provinces in all of Canada but 57 solar companies and over 500 green jobs in the province are currently at stake. The solar industry was completely blindsided by this announcement and each company may have a couple of weeks or a couple of months of work left before they could potentially cease to exist. 

This makes Saskatchewan the only jurisdiction in North America that does not allow customers to connect to the grid and net meter or net bill.

Without access to the grid via net metering, however, the solar industry cannot operate and you no longer have the choice to invest in renewable energy and own your own power source in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. 

SaskPower is dictating how YOU power your home. This is ruthless and unacceptable. Hundreds of families will soon be out of work if quick action is not taken.

PLEASE sign this petition to help us rally the province and request an immediate re-opening of SaskPower's Net Metering Program during SaskPower's review period. 

This is a very reasonable request given that SaskPower's Net Metering Program reached capacity over 2 years early and they provided less than 1 day of notice that they would be suspending all net metering solar programs in the province.

Please SHARE and spread the word. URGENT ACTION is required as over 500 Saskatchewan jobs are on the line.