Get racist slurs out of our schools!

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The use of racist slurs like the n-word should not be promoted in schools or readings! The last few months have been spent learning the importance of anti-racism and anti-oppressive education. Furthermore, we are increasingly aware of the impacts of language and racism. However, this has not spilled over into Saskatchewan schools. There is a serious lack of diverse and anti-oppressive education, and even worse our educational system continues to inflict racial trauma by using racist language. Racial epithets or slurs cannot serve educational purposes. They produce inequities in educational outcomes, and make schools an unwelcoming and unsafe space for students of colour. 

Numerous people in Saskatchewan have come forward to discuss the discomfort and trauma they've experienced in schools. These stories include teachers promoting students saying slurs, no discipline for calling Black students the N-word, and other normalized use of racist language. Racist slurs can be triggering for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour). The N-word was and is used to dehumanize Black people, and legitimize racist/unequal treatment. The word is inextricably linked with violence and brutality on black psyches, and derogatory aspersions cast on black bodies. Students should not face trauma in the classroom because staff choose racist books or choose to use traumatizing language. The negligence and disrespect cannot continue. 

Please consider signing our petition, to raise awareness and put a stop to this. This behaviour and practice needs to end to protect students. Our youth deserve an education in an affirming and inclusive environment to learn and grow.