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Sasha, K-9 Officer

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In Warwick, GA, Officer T.J. Frye left his K-9 partner, Sasha, alone for as many as three days in a police vehicle. She died a horrible and cruel death. This has been covered-up by the City of Warwick and the Police Department. Proper procedures for notification were not followed; Sasha was not given a police officer's burial; the vehicle was not locked when this officer left town; the vehicle was not dusted for prints before being towed away; and the list goes on and on.

The people working to get justice for Sasha are being turned-away when trying to have their voices heard. Officer Frye has a very controversial record/history, and he should be punished for the death of his PARTNER. Sasha was a trained officer of the law. He is blaming HER for her own death, stating that she let herself into his unlocked Tahoe after he left town with no one scheduled to care for her.

The case was not made public until after the news was leaked...TEN days after Sasha's death. If anyone else had done this to a law enforcement officer, he/she would be facing charges. Justice for Sasha is needed, and the citizens of Georgia need your assistance.

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