Abolish quarantine rule to enter Sarawak #malaysiaformalaysians

Abolish quarantine rule to enter Sarawak #malaysiaformalaysians

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Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee and

Why this petition matters

The state of Sarawak has implemented the 14 day Quarantine for anyone entering Sarawak from any state in Malaysia since the start of Covid 19 in March 2020. There was an intermittent period of openings where travel was allowed without quarantine, but majority of the last one year ( and for the last 6 months), there is a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon arrival to Sarawak. 

A vast majority of the work force of the civil and private sector in Sarawak are non Sarawakians. They have been separated from their families, some for more then one year. Not forgetting the Sarawakians earning a living in west Malaysia or Sabah who are separated from their loved ones in Sarawak.

Families have been torn apart. Children separated from their parents.

The inability to return to see their families have caused depression, mental anguish, anxiety and extreme stress.

We plead to the wise leaders and the kind government of Sarawak to put their political agenda aside and revise their rules and allow us to travel home and return to work in Sarawak WITHOUT having to quarantine.

We come here to serve the wonderful people of Sarawak, but our families in other states in Malaysia need us too.

#nomorequarantine #please

9,136 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!