No Puppy Barn in Saratoga Springs! Shut down Puppy Barn!

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Do you love puppies/dogs? Do you care about their health/welfare? Do you care if they have Parvo? Where they come from? How they are treated? If they are taken early from their mothers for the sake of making someone rich? If they are sold to you at hundreds-thousands of dollars, when they are coming from a backyard breeder? Puppy Barn seems to be okay with it as long as they make their money! Does this sound like a business we want in our community? They have already been driven out of American Fork, don't let them settle into our hometown! They are supporting backyard breeders and other unethical practices. 

The owner claims to run a family business. He claims to have good Christian values. I think not. They are exploiting puppies for monetary gain, and selling puppies with Parvo, who are too young to be taken from their mothers. Some of which are so sick they die within days after being bought home. No, not every puppy fits this bill, but the owner knows what he is doing is unethical and he is contributing to the shelter problem in Utah, all while taking backyard breed dogs and selling them for hundreds upon thousands of dollars, exploiting the puppies. This is flat out and proudly supporting animal cruelty at its worst. 

Let Puppy Barn know how wrong this is, sign the petition against having Puppy Barn in Saratoga Springs! For more info about Puppy Barn's unethical practices, visit: