Saratoga Springs Residents' Health & Safety Come First

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December 2019

Dear Saratoga Springs City Council Members:

We, the undersigned, are opposed to the Saratoga Springs City Council authorizing an agreement with the Town of Greenfield for ambulance services. Our Saratogian families as City tax paying residents remain very concerned with the response times for ambulance and fire department service within our own City limits.  Instead, we ask that the priority of city and public safety resources be directed to reducing response time throughout the City, and especially to the outer East Side. 

Given our emergency personnel are already spread thin, and the new Fire/EMS station on Henning Road is yet to be finalized, approved and constructed (announced by Mayor Meg Kelly 10/29/19), we find this proposal potentially counterproductive to the needs of City residents at this time and therefore this agenda item unacceptable.

In addition, the potential revenue to the City mentioned in the proposal seems insufficient to provide necessary improvements to response within the City as well as extend service to neighboring towns.  

We ask you to reprioritize and put your own Saratoga Springs' citizens first. We ask that you do not enter into an agreement to assist another community before you FIRST serve your own with a third EMT station.