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Bring Brodie Home

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First, I'd like to say I normally don't share my opinions via social media for my own personal reasons but this goes beyond me. This is about Brodie and Brodie doesn't have a voice !!!
Let me start out by telling you a little bit about Brodie. He is a 5-year-old German Shepherd. At about 18 months old, he started to train with my husband, Joe Shields, where they both became certified in tracking and narcotics for the Saratoga County K-9 unit. They've worked together every day since and of course it didn't take long before Brodie held a very special place in our hearts and home. Although it was true Brodie was gaining a mom and dad, two sisters (my daughters, ages 13 and 9) three furry friends, including his favorite of them all, our 7-year-old female German Shepard Cadence, Brodie was in fact the one that completed OUR family. We felt so lucky to be able to welcome him into our home and it was obvious Brodie felt the same.
Where Joe goes Brodie goes, where Brodie goes Joe goes. You couldn't deny that they had become thick as thieves, best of friends to say the least. In fact, Brodie sees more of Joe than I do! But that's how it should be. They need that bond, that trust or the job wouldn't be possible otherwise. It is mostly due to that bond they've been so successful with training and applying that training on the job. The remainder of the credit goes to my husband's dedication to the unit and his continued training and care for Brodie at home (with no compensation mind you). I don't know about you but I don't work for free and if that isn't dedication I don't know what is.
Let's fast-forward a bit. Joe is now going into his fourth year of working with Brodie.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, he found himself having to make an impossible decision. His family or the K-9 unit. So with a heavy heart, he did what any caring husband and father would do and chose his family. With that decision made, he had no choice but to resign from the K9 unit. With the fear that Brodie may be reassigned, Joe exhausted every avenue while utilizing the chain of command fighting for Brodie's right to retire and remain in his home. At that point, we were left waiting for the Sheriffs final decision. Surely this agency, this group of men my husband refers to as his brothers, his second family, would come together and make the empathetic decision and allow Brodie to stay with the people he has formed an unbreakable bond with. In the time my husband has been with the department, there has been no instances where the handler resigned and the dog was reassigned. We should have nothing to worry about right?? Sadly we were wrong and shockingly the Sheriff decided to reassign Brodie.
From that came one of the hardest days of our lives. Yesterday afternoon, one of Joe's fellow K9 coworkers was sent to our home to retrieve Brodie. As you read this, Brodie now resides in a kennel at Saratoga County shelter for the unforeseeable future. To sit there and watch my husband and daughters crumble in agony over the loss of our dear friend and beloved family member was unbearable. I could not help but to feel powerless unable to protect them from this pain. And not just for my husband and children, but Brodie as well. You see, Brodie hasn't always been a member of the Sheriffs Department. He first started out as your typical family dog doing typical dog things until that family could no longer keep him and they brought him to the shelter where he lived for several months. With those thoughts in mind I began to worry, being that this is his second time living in a kennel, in a shelter. How he must feel... abandoned, depressed, anxious, lonely, heartbroken?? I wanted to protect him as much as I did my children but having no power to do so, I became beyond frustrated and felt the only way I may be able to help him is by being his voice and getting his story heard. Is this really what Brodie deserves after his years of service? To be ripped from his home, from his family who is willing to take on full responsibility for the duration of his retirement...I think not!!!!
Feel free to tag anyone you know that may have information that will aide in our fight for Brodie... PLEASE SHARE and help Brodie to be HEARD !!!! #bringbrodiehome

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