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STOP animal cruelty and BAN baby pig races at the Saratoga County NY Fair!

Pigs used in traveling shows are often subjected to severe abuse in order to force them to provide “entertainment” at county and state fairs, shopping malls, theme parks, schools, flea markets, nursing homes, birthday parties, and trade shows. The variations are limited only by the imagination of the exhibitors, who are looking to make an easy dollar. These unfortunate animals are confined to tiny transport cages or trailers. They are constantly bred for shows, discarded and auctioned off to slaughter as food. Pigs suffer in extreme temperatures and are not provided with adequate food & water. Rigorous training methods involving electric shocks, beatings, and food deprivation are used to force pigs to perform acts that are unnatural and meaningless to them.

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) requires that animal exhibitors be licensed by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. This is supposed to ensure that exhibitors meet the AWA’s minimal requirements regarding animal care. However, the USDA cannot realistically regulate or enforce the humane treatment of animals who are continuously on the road in an effective manner.

Don't allow the promoters of baby pig racing to pass off their abuse and exploitation of animals as entertainment. This sends the wrong a message to impressible children that it's acceptable to abuse animals. Cruelty to animals is neither fun nor ethical. PLEASE stop supporting animal cruelty and ban baby pig races.

At the link below, you will find information regarding "Rosaire's", the actual company that exploits animals and is responsible for shameful pig racing used by the Saratoga County, NY Fair.

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