Support Excused Absences For Sarasota Students to Attend The Next Global Climate Strike

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On the morning of Friday, April 24th, 2020, students from across Sarasota County will meet at the Unconditional Surrender Statue to strike for better climate policies. We understand the importance and gift of education, but first we must secure a livable future in order to broaden our skills and use them to help shape the world as graduated adults. This is why we are asking the Sarasota County School Board to:

1. Refrain from any disciplinary action against any students who participate in legitimate climate strike activities during the week April 20th-24th.

2. Designate April 24th as a no-test day to reinforce a stance of supporting such action.

3. Allow students to share information about the climate strikes in school as appropriate.

4. Meet respectfully with students when requested during this week of action and beyond to address the climate crisis within Sarasota County.